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On Point Fencing Club Family

About OPFC

The Viveros family owns and operates On Point Fencing Club, each responsible for making sure that everyone on the team is having fun while also advancing their skillsets in this amazing sport.


While fencing intercollegiate tournaments in the State of Florida, Coach Oscar learned the vital basics and advanced forms of fencing. This, in turn, allowed him to eventually become a top competitor within the State of Florida in the late 80's - early 90's. Fencing has and always will be his passion. Now fencing in the veteran circuit, his next goal is to share everything he's learned throughout his extensive fencing career to the Lake Wylie/Charlotte area! When Oscar isn't fencing he is most likely enjoying a strong espresso at his favorite eating spots. 

Coach Evan is the fresh set of eyes on the coaching staff. Having five years+ within the competitive circuit, Evan has known the basics since he could walk, thanks to Coach Oscar! Coach Evan provides a different perspective to the sport of fencing in his coaching style. When Evan isn't practicing his own fencing skills, he owns and manages Premier Detailing. A mobile detailing company that serves the Lake Wylie/Charlotte area. 


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